Using Web Help Desk

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Using Web Help Desk

Web Help Desk is an online ticketing system for the Cal Poly Pomona campus community. It can be used to report information technology (IT) issues or to request IT services that are managed by I&IT. These services include Blackboard, BroncoDirect, network, email requests, classroom and lab support, etc. This eHelp Web Help Desk page provides instructions for logging a ticket and checking the status of an existing ticket.

Note: Web Help Desk is no longer supported on Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 are supported, as are browsers including Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Logging into Web Help Desk

  1. Enter your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.
    1. Click the Login button.
    2. The Help Request window will appear.

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Creating a Web Help Desk ticket

  1. Select the basic category for your request in the Request Type drop down menu.

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    1. Another drop-down menu may appear next to or below the Request Type box. Select a subtype from the drop down menu. Repeat if a third drop down menu appears.

      Note: One or more subtype level drop down boxes will appear depending on which Request Type is selected.

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  2. Enter a meaningful Subject – be descriptive, such as “Macintosh computer won’t boot” or “Error message in Outlook”. Avoid generic descriptions like “My computer doesn’t work” or “Need Help”.
  3. Describe your problem in the Request Detail message field – the more descriptive you can be, the better. If you are reporting an issue, describe the kind of computer you are using (Macintosh or Windows) and what version (OS X 10.4 - Tiger, OS X 10.5 - Leopard, Windows XP, Windows Vista), which program the problem is occurring in (Entourage, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.), what error messages you are seeing and any troubleshooting that you've already attempted, etc.

    If you are making a request, please provide all necessary information required to complete the request. For example, a jack activation request needs to include the jack location, jack number, VLAN, etc.

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  4. Attach any files that you feel would aid the Help Desk in trouble-shooting your technical issue:
    1. Click Add File.
      1. The Attach File window will appear.
    2. Click Browse.
    3. Select and click the file you want to upload.

      Note: File size maximum is 1MB.

    4. Click Upload.

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  5. Click Save.
  6. A confirmation window will appear, displaying your ticket number. An email confirmation will also be sent to you.

    Endusersupport images lightbulb.jpg Tip: You can use the History button in the Web Help Desk interface to check the status of your ticket.

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Checking the status of your Web Help Desk ticket

Endusersupport images lightbulb.jpg Tip: Checking the status of your ticket also allows you to update the ticket with any new information or to cancel the ticket.

  1. Click the History button in the navigation panel.
    1. A window will appear displaying your ticket history.

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  2. To find more info or to add a note to a specific ticket, click on that ticket's number in the farthest lefthand column.

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  3. To add a note, click the Add Note button.

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  4. Enter a message in the New Note field box.
  5. Click Save.

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  6. A confirmation window will appear, letting you know that the ticket has been updated successfully. An email confirmation will also be sent to you.

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