Cal Poly Pomona Email

Email Basics

Cal Poly Pomona provides email services to faculty, staff, students, auxiliaries, affiliates and emeriti.  Users currently have the option to forward their email to another email service provider (e.g.: Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) via My Control Panel.

Note: If you are an Applicant or Alumni, see Email Service Exceptions.

Your BroncoName

Your BroncoName is your username for most online services at Cal Poly Pomona. It is also the part of your Cal Poly Pomona email address before the "@" sign, so that if your email address is, your BroncoName is billybronco.

All Cal Poly Pomona users will be provided with a BroncoName. To receive your BroncoName, you must claim your Bronco account.

Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange

Cal Poly Pomona uses Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange for mail messaging and associated activities for most of its constituents or users.

Most students will access Microsoft Office 365 via Outlook Web App. MS Office 365 supports Outlook Web App with a proprietary protocol that makes available email features, the ability to access, view and edit your online documents from home, the classroom, the library or virtually any PC or Mac that is connected to the Internet and much more.

Most faculty and staff will access Exchange via Outlook Web Access. Exchange supports OWA and Microsoft Outlook with a proprietary protocol that makes available email features, including inbox navigation, calendaring and much more.

Microsoft Outlook and Other Email Clients

Almost all Outlook users connect to Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange using the Microsoft protocol. Although any email client can connect to MS Office 365 and Exchange, Microsoft Outlook is the primary email client used by most to connect to MS Office 365 and Exchange.

Microsoft Office 365 and Exchange can also receive and transfer email through email programs such as Entourage, Mac Mail or Thunderbird.

Let's Get Going

To access your email, see Getting Started.

Email Service Exceptions:

Applicants:  Though email addresses (e.g.: are provided to those that apply to Cal Poly Pomona, emails to Applicants are set to automatically forward to the email address provided in the Applicant’s CSU Mentor application.  Applicants can modify the forwarding email address by accessing My Control Panel.  Once admitted as a student, the student can modify their email delivery to the campus-provided email service, Microsoft Office 365.

Alumni:  The Cal Poly Pomona Help Desk does not support Alumni email accounts. Life-long email accounts for alumni are handled through Alumni Affairs. Contact Alumni Affairs at 909.869.2963 or go to:

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